The New Block Strijp-S Eindhoven MerciBOOKoup
29 May-29 May
Opening Circulaire Bieb MerciBOOKoup

Opening Circulaire Bieb MerciBOOKoup

Do you have books at home that you are not going to read again and are just gathering dust in your bookcase? And perhaps you would like to get other books? Well, we have a great solution so that you and everyone else can keep reading for free and that books are reused: @MerciBOOKoup is opening a book swapping library on @Strijp-S!

With a collection of over a thousand books and a wonderful reading corner @The New Block on Strijp-S, this free book swapping library is the place to meet and swap your books. The festive opening is on Sunday May 29th at 12:00h and will have a book swap, a clothes swap, and an interesting workshop about circularity and social entrepreneurship.

This opening event is part of the @Klimaatnetwerk040 and is organised by @MerciBOOKoup, @People for Planet, and @FutureProof. 

After this festive opening, the swapping library will be open during working days for everyone to freely exchange books or just come and read. Moreover, MerciBOOKoup will set up a program of reading clubs, language clubs, and other book-related activities. Do you have an idea for an activity, or do you want to help organise it? Be sure to contact us!

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